Vision Waste Management. Creating Magic from Waste

This month’s Flexspace client focus (where we take a look at one of our amazing tenants) takes a look at Vision Waste who provide waste management across the UK from their base in Scotland. We asked Amy Martin, Vision Waste’s Account Manager, to tell us a little about themselves.

About Vision Waste Management

We are a national reactive waste management company operating across the UK. We have three main services that we offer:

  • Reactive waste management
  • General waste collection
  • Food waste

Vision waste removes general wasteWorking with a mixture of private and commercial clients, we have a group of drivers who crisscross the country sorting out people’s mess. Think of it as a bit like Winston Wolfe (the character from Pulp Fiction played by Harvey Keitel) but without the sharp suits dress code. We make waste problems disappear!

Early History

Vision didn’t start out commercial life organising waste management but like all good, entrepreneurial companies, we spotted a gap in the marketplace and decided to reposition ourselves.

Our earlier incarnation was as a cleaning company, specialising in new builds (post construction, pre moving in) and offices.

A Total Focus on the Customer

Amy continues, ‘since we’ve moved into the waste management arena,Vision waste can also safely remove confidential waste we’ve never looked back. Up to 97% of our material is recycled which is obviously good for the environment. We have a recognised list of disposal sites and waste transfer stations across the UK, which our eight drivers use. Essentially our selling point is that we’re very customer focused. So when someone gets in touch to report some fly tipping (its invariably a council), we’re there to collect and dispose of as quickly as we can’.

Our Relationship with Flexspace

‘Interestingly, Vision’s and  Flexspace’s history is somewhat entwined’ says Amy. ‘We were a tenant of Flexspace about 12 years ago, then we left for a short time. We then reappeared again, relocating to our current location – where we’ve been ever since. Our current unit suits us just fine. We have a flexible unit at a good price, with access to the UK’s transport networks. We certainly have no plans to move again’.

Waste alchemy – Producing Energy and Fertiliser from Rubbish

One of the most exciting aspects of Vison’s work concerns Anaerobic Digestion Facility Processes (ADFP). ADFP is a collection of processes by Vision waste creates energy from this rubbishwhich microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. This process is used for both industrial and domestic purposes to manage waste or to produce fuels. In our case, we take waste products to create fuel for power, with the added bonus of creating a fertiliser, which we can sell.

So any CAT3 food (unsuitable for human consumption) we can collect. Not just removing the problem, but actually producing something good from it, in the form of energy and fertiliser. So you could say our service, whilst not performing miracles, certainly performs a type of magical alchemy!

Flexspace partnership providing benefits both tangible and intangible

The Flexspace staff are amazing, they’re very professional and always happy to help when required.  It’s a very pleasant and enjoyable place to work and it’s got such great transportation links.  We have been given good rates for the size of office we have and as the business grows, we have the ability to grow with it by increasing our office space as required.

If you like the sound of flexible commercial premises with Flexspace, please call us and see what we can do for you. With 59 locations nationally, there’s bound to be a centre to suit your business.

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