Working Safe

With the worries of Coronavirus, people are publishing blogs and articles about working from home.  Friends are sharing images of them in their PJs, working from home.  Conference calls are now a gamble as to which pet will embarrass their owner first.

For some people, it’s just not an option to work from home, so if you are still sharing communal facilities and need to have contact with other people it’s time to work flexible but also work safe.

Sharing space with others means respecting them

Over the past few days I have reviewed our company’s Contingency Planning to make sure it’s up to scratch to cover the current COVID-19 issues.

I have read more information on disease containment that is necessary for one lifetime.  But it all comes down to some very easy rules.

If you have to share a space with others, then you have to respect them and take a series of simple precautions.

GOV.UKStep One – Get your facts right

As much as I’ve enjoyed the memes and photos sent to me by friends, knitting your own face mask and brewing up your own hand gel is not going to do any good.

Go to the source.  The UK Government’s own GOV.UK which has up to date information and links to guidance from both the Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England.

Step two – The person responsible for your safety is you

I remember when that phrase was stuck on mirrors to make you think about your own safety.  It’s still true.

We all have to take responsibility for making sure we wash our hands and not sneezing over everyone else.

Make yourself aware of the symptoms of COVID-19 and how it’s spread by bookmarking and reading the GOV.UK website.

Your workplace should have a policy on what to do if you are showing symptoms.  Make sure you know what it says and what you should do.

If you think you may be showing symptoms then isolate yourself immediately and call 111.

Step three – Now wash your hands!

Now wash your hands

Washing your hands is something we should all have been doing anyway (why do people need to be told this, it’s not a social nicety, it’s essential) but just in case you are still not sure how to wash your hands then the NHS have produced a great PDF you can download that shows you how.

Things you can sing or recite that take 40 – 60 seconds whilst washing your hands …

  1. Happy birthday to you (1 verse)
  2. The opening to Star Trek (this is the voyage of the USS Enterprise ….)
  3. Lady Macbeth’s hand washing ritual (Out damn spot, out I say …)
  4. Yesterday, by the Beatles (1 verse)

Or you can create your own poster using the fantastic
I went for Jolene by Dolly Parton for mine!

Step Four – be courteous and keep a clear desk

You are sharing a space with other people.  Don’t stand over them and cough!  Dispose of that paper hankie straight away.

Don’t leave dirty plates and crockery on your desk.  It’s very easy to end up just rinsing out your mug at the end of the day, don’t.  And also DON’T wash it in the toilets.  By law, companies must supply separate washing facilities for crockery away from toilets.  Use them.  Dry your cup on a paper towel rather than the dodgy tea towel that hasn’t been washed this century.

Keep a clear desk policy – it’s easier to wipe your desk down with an antibacterial wipe when it’s clear.  Did you know, when you use an antibacterial wipe or spray you need to let it dry before you use the surface or you run the risk of dissipating the effectiveness?

And finally …

Be safe out there!
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