The Perks of Working on a Business Park

Whether it’s a start up or a well-established business, you need to find the right location to base your company. Business parks offer immediate benefits for companies of all sizes and are perfect if you’re looking to relocate, or simply finding your first company location.

A business park is defined as an area of land in which many office buildings are grouped together. Most of our Flexspace workspaces are purpose built for enterprises by having a range of sizes and space within the same business park.

All Flexspace offices and workshops are located near highways and main roads for optimal mobility and easy access. Below are the three key advantages for why you should consider setting up your company within a Flexspace business park.

Business Focus

Choosing to locate your company on a business park means that your company is based in a dedicated business area. If you want an office, you’ll find they come serviced and furnished, offering premises which combines the space you may need with great facilities. We give you a fast start so that you can take advantage of the range of services on site.

Like Minded Neighbours

Networking with Business OwnersBasing your business on a dedicated business park gives you a further advantage as you are surrounded by like-minded driven professionals. Having other business leaders run their companies alongside you could help you build your passion as well as enable you to seek support and fresh perspectives.

Flexspace tenants benefit from get-togethers and networking events which are arranged by our serviced business parks. These events are a great way for getting the most out of the business community around you.

Flexible Growth

Our business parks have enough capacity and space for companies to move premises as business needs increase. Initially your company may require a small office but in time, as you grow, you may need more space. It is always much easier to move to a new office in the same location than find and move to a new place.

At Flexspace we have a variety of sizes available to choose from within our business parks and we can provide flexibility with any requirements. We’re able to facilitate your needs to downsize or even upgrade to a larger premise. So, call the team on 0800 033 4444 and discover whether there’s a good fit for you.

Flexible Terms

You can rent a Flexspace unit for a minimum of 12 months all the way up to 10 years or more.

Most sites have different unit sizes, so you can move and grow with Flexspace. Choose workspace on your terms.


Flexible Space

Most of our units are so flexible that you can shape the space to be precisely as you want it to be.

From Cafes to Gyms, Galleries to Labs, we’ve seen and done it all. Choose space to fit your needs.


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