Self-storage and why savvy students choose them

Self-storage is a god send for all long-suffering parent. Here’s why.

The Problem

It’s surprising isn’t it? You arrive to start your time at university with a suitcase, holdall and back-pack. All your worldly goods packed into a couple of bags, which your parents are happy to transport. The end of year 1 arrives, often spent in campus accommodation and wow. Where did you get all this extra stuff?

It’s a scenario students (and their long-suffering parents) up and down the country have to wrestle with throughout their years’ of study. Ways to transport valuables home at the end of each term or during summer breaks have to be found. Locking your prized possessions in a cupboard in your student bedroom is no guarantee they will be there when you return.

Parents have to take time out to collect student and accumulated belongings in the family car (assuming they have a car big enough). Then arrangements have to be made to transport everything back again for the new term.

Sometimes students have to study at different university annexes miles apart. Which means regularly moving home becomes a lifestyle. As your personal property increases, these flat moves frequently entail the cost of having to hire a van. The problem doesn’t end there.

When you arrive at the new student share, the amount of one’s personal space is often less than it was before. Valuables have to be locked in small cupboards. Empty cases and holdalls need cramming under the bed. And you’re constantly tripping over other belongings you can’t fit anywhere. None of this is conducive to a lifestyle of intense study.

The Solution – Self-Storage

Storage units are not just the domain of big removal companies or large businesses. Where there is a high undergraduate and post-graduate population, you will find companies operating storage unit businesses. But not all storage companies are the same.

Flexspace has for years been at the forefront of offering cheap, secure and cost effective self-storage for students. It’s not everyone who needs a 40ft shipping container to safely keep their most prized possessions. Now greater numbers of students are also beginning to realise the benefits of renting a small self storage unit from Flexspace.

A Range of Options and Savings

Flexspace operates a range of different sized units to meet all requirements. They also offer a range of flexible rental options from weekly, monthly or longer-term to fit in with your needs.

Often, larger is cheaper. Have a chat with your fellow house mates also having problems with where to store their belongings. Getting together and sharing a larger unit will often work out cheaper per person than taking your own unit. Ask Flexspace about upper level units. In many instances savings can be made if you don’t mind having to stretch a little.

With storage space arranged, visit the local supermarket and collect a few cardboard boxes for packing.

Student self-storagePack the boxes, seal with tape and clearly add your name to each box.
Keep everything you need for day to day living and studying. The rest can be safely stored away in a secure Flexspace unit, until you need to access it.

Flexspace have almost 60 units nationwide so there’s a good chance there’s a self-storage unit close to your digs. Get in touch today, maybe your parents will thank you and help with a contribution to the cost!

Flexible Terms

You can rent a Flexspace unit for a minimum of 12 months all the way up to 10 years or more.

Most sites have different unit sizes, so you can move and grow with Flexspace. Choose workspace on your terms.


Flexible Space

Most of our units are so flexible that you can shape the space to be precisely as you want it to be.

From Cafes to Gyms, Galleries to Labs, we’ve seen and done it all. Choose space to fit your needs.


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