Recycling – Businesses Take Steps to Minimise Waste

This month’s ‘meet the client’ focuses on Liz Langston from Activities to Share, a company based at Flexspace Canterbury. Liz is passionate about minimising waste and provides an inspiring example to other businesses. She shows what can be done if you believe passionately in recycling.

Activities to Share: Helping an Ageing Population

Liz works for Activities to Share, a company who provide products to encourage people to play across the generations. Their customers are individuals living with dementia and elderly people in care homes. The products supplied by Activities to Share are sensory or tactile, designed to meet the unique needs of their target audience. For example, they manufacture large jigsaws to encourage gentle exercise. They create DVDs of sing-along song books and puzzles and games which encourages play across the generations.

Activities to Share also undertake product testing in local care homes, to ensure their products are uniquely geared to meet the needs of their end users. They obviously do great work within our society, but Liz wasn’t satisfied with just that and wanted to take things a step further and help the environment.

Saving the Planet, Starts with the Smallest Step

Liz sought to encourage the companies she works alongside at the business centre in Canterbury as well as work with Flexspace to show that efforts to help the planet, require only a very small change in one’s behaviour. The spur for her recycling efforts came from the fact that there were limited recycling facilities at her workplace.

Liz and her colleagues share a community kitchen with five other businesses. This presented a great opportunity to encourage a collaboration.

Taking That one Extra Step

Reduce Reuse Recycle
Following this enthusiasm there is now a recycling bin set up in the community kitchen for rinsed glass, plastic cartons and tins which is regularly emptied & its contents recycled.

Liz is also keen to reduce the usage of man made plastic sponges for use in the kitchen. A loofa cut up into several pieces acts as a handy pan scourer and is totally natural. It’s simple changes like this, which makes going green and recycling fun, states Liz.

Liz has been making efforts to be green and recycle for over 30 years, so it is something which comes naturally to her. She hopes that her efforts will encourage others to follow suit and do what they can to look after our planet. It really is simple, as we’ve only got one planet, it’s important we look after it.

Hopefully everyone reading this will feel suitably inspires to do something similar at their place of work? There are plenty of resources to help people interested, such as the one below:

Similarly, if you’d like to join like minded businesses like Activities to Share at one of our business centres, you can contact us on 0800 033 4444. We’ll do our best to find the perfect home for your business.

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