Pink Link Networking – Promoting Female Enterprise

This month’s ’Meet our Flexspace Tenant’ looks at a unique business networking model, based in our Blackpool centre. The Pink Link Ladies is a company dedicated to promoting female enterprise through website, networks, events, social media and awards.

The need for Pink

Having fun, forgingPink link Limited was created in 2009 by Coral Horn as a direct response to feedback from women running their own businesses. Coral recognised that female business leaders and owners are looking for a different kind of business support network.

Specifically women want networking to be affordable, welcoming, and professional and open to all. Running a business can be very isolating, but not when you are part of Pink Link.

Here’s Coral to explain a little more about the concept and how it works in practice:

How the Club Works?

We operate as a business club which means that everyone pays a membership fee and therefore commits to the network. We find that, because of this financial commitment, ladies attend on a regular basis and make an effort to get the most out of the network. This is opposite to the usual nipping ‘in and out’, as and when’ at pay-as-you-go type networks.

Successful networking is built on relationships and these can only be established as people get to know and trust you. Consistency really is the key here.

We also don’t have lots of rules. You do not have to bring referrals each month or substitute if you miss a month, it’s up to you. You get out of the network what you put in and you will be in control of that.

Promoting Enterprise in Wonderful Ways

We promote female enterprise in a number of valuable ways:
Membership – you’ll be part of a very supportive club which understands your challenges
Business Networking events – Our events are the mainstay of what we do. They are relaxed, fun and constantly evolving as a result of your feedback.
A tailored programme to suit you – we have three levels of membership so you can be confident it suits your needs, aspirations and business cycle.

If you don’t want to network, fine, just take advantage of our business directories instead.

Get recognition amongst your peersAwards ceremonies – Awards events are so much fun, and our EVAs (Enterprise Vision Awards) gives our members an opportunity to stand out amongst one’s peers. Finalists benefit from free promotion as well as the chance of significant PR if crowned the winner.

Additional benefits for our members

We reward our members with branded members gifts. New members receive a members pack of business goodies and then each year we say ‘thank you’ for your continued custom. Our long-standing members receive more branded gifts.

Our Relaxed Atmosphere Sets us Apart

We promote a welcoming,  relaxed and informal atmosphere that’s not at all stuffy. You’ll enjoy your  time you spend with us and meeting new members. We want to have fun whilst we do business – life is really too short, otherwise. We strive to create an environment where women look forward to coming back!  

We Practice Inclusion for a reason

We keep our network fees low so that ladies starting out can afford to join and feel included rather than excluded by cost. We also offer direct debit options to help out members spread the cost and aid their cash flow. We understand the importance of this as we want you to do business at our networks.

We treat you as Adults

We know how intimidating networking can be if you’re new to it so when it comes to the business introduction it’s up to you…Stand, sit come down to the front, use your minute or just say Hi. Whatever makes you feel comfortable is what matters.  

And Finally, Your business is Our Business

Our ladies enjoy networking with us, firstly as they make some great business connections.

Our networks are ‘our business’ and therefore you can feel confident that your membership is important to us. Your business is our business and our members are at the heart of what we do.

If anyone reading this wants to reach out and connect with us, or simply check where your nearest networking event is, just pick up the phone or drop us a line (below). You’ll find we’re a very friendly bunch!

Phone: 01253 425443

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