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  • Flexible business man
    Flexspace Really Means Flexibility

    Flexspace Really Means Flexibility Flexspace may be part of our brand name, but what do we really mean flexibility? In other words, in what myriad ways are we flexible? Certainly the thing that drives us, and permeates all aspects of our business, is the focus we put on our customers. That manifests itself in the […]

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  • Having a good choice gives you flexibility
    Commercial Property? Choose The Flexible Supplier with Many Locations

    There are many concerns when planning a new business venture – commercial property being just one. Renting for the first time, how much or little space do you actually need. And how that space requirement might change over time. The cheapest option may be the smallest available unit that accommodates your milling machines and lathes. […]

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  • Choosing a flexible business space – How to go about it (Part III)

    This is the third in our blog series covering how you choose a flexible business. For business owners, where you decide to put down roots is one of the most momentous decisions you can take as a business so it pays to give it sufficient consideration. This blog covers how you go about finding a […]

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  • Flexible business space
    New Year – New Business Premises

    Happy New Year! If your resolution is a change of scene, then we’re on hand to help you consider your options. In this post we cover some of the advantages in securing a new, flexible business premises. We explore what effect this change might have on your business and importantly, on the outlook and motivation of […]

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  • Flexible business space is important for any growing business, including engineering units.
    Choosing a Flexible Business Space – What everyone needs to know (Part II)

    Part II of a III  part blog series As we’ve mentioned in an earlier blog, where you decide to put down roots is one of the most momentous decisions you can take as a business. So it pays to give it sufficient consideration and to find a flexible business unit to rent. The first blog […]

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Flexible Terms

You can rent a Flexspace unit for a minimum of 12 months all the way up to 10 years or more.

Most sites have different unit sizes, so you can move and grow with Flexspace. Choose workspace on your terms.


Flexible Space

Most of our units are so flexible that you can shape the space to be precisely as you want it to be.

From Cafes to Gyms, Galleries to Labs, we’ve seen and done it all. Choose space to fit your needs.


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