The Benefits to SMEs of Charity Fundraising. Why working with a Charity is good for your bottom line.

Working with a charity can offer many benefits to SMEs. Put simply, charity fundraising is great for a company, its employees and, of course, the charity itself. In this blog we’ll take a look at the benefits to companies from engaging in charity fundraising. We’ll also end on a recent Flex...

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Pink Link Networking – Promoting Female Enterprise

This month’s ’Meet our Flexspace Tenant’ looks at a unique business networking model, based in our Blackpool centre. The Pink Link Ladies is a company dedicated to promoting female enterprise through website, networks, events, social media and awards. The need for Pink Pink link Limited was cr...

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How to Organise the Perfect Business Networking Event

Why Organise a Business Networking Event? Business networking is an essential part of business growth. And while it might be tempting to rest on your laurels and wait for someone else to present an opportunity, it’s all about being proactive and seizing the chance to make connections. Organising a...

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Flexspace Client Spotlight Series – Kindred of Fife

This month, we focus on Kindred, a very special Flexspace tenant. Kindred is a charity that supports children with disabilities and their families across Fife. They have been transforming the lives of children for the last 10 years. Here’s an introduction to them, in their own words: The scale...

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Mother and child representing Kindred's work

Meet the Client – Blackbird Corporate’s Lisa Foster, a SharePoint Training Specialist and motorcycle racing enthusiast!

So What Exactly links SharePoint Training and Motorcycle racing? On first impressions they’re not natural bedfellows are they? So what could possibly link the disparate subjects of SharePoint Training and Motorcycle racing? Certainly, these are two subjects which are not usually mentioned in t...

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Lisa Foster with one of the racers she sponsors

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