New Year – New Business Premises

Happy New Year! If your resolution is a change of scene, then we’re on hand to help you consider your options. In this post we cover some of the advantages in securing a new, flexible business premises.

We explore what effect this change might have on your business and importantly, on the outlook and motivation of your workforce.

The telltale signs that you need to move business premises

This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, but it should flag up if a move would be good. Ask yourself, and be honest, are you experiencing one or more of these factors:

  1. New premises requiredYou are so far from any meaningful transport links that its affecting (or starting to affect) your business.
  2. Your current premises require considerable maintenance (either each year or as an ongoing cost).
  3. Your current premises has some key facilities lacking – and this omission, in particular, is having an impact on the efficiency of your operations.
  4. Your business would benefit from some geographical consolidation.
  5. Your customers or your clients are having difficulty actually finding you.
  6. You literally can’t fit any more workstations into the business space.

If any of these are relevant, then you need to move, but when would be a good time to make that move?

Changing premises early on in the calendar year has the advantage of giving you a natural fresh start and run up to the new year. It would be particularly timely if the following factors were also present:

Your lease is due for renewal

This often is the trigger for a lot of tenants to begin the process of looking around for a new, better or bigger base. Naturally, its always preferable to start this process in good time, so you have as much wriggle room as possible when negotiating a new lease (either with your old landlord, or if you do decide to move – with prospective landlords).

Longer leases generally mean a cheaper overall rent, but sometimes companies prefer more flexibility in return for a slightly higher premium.
Or you could save yourself considerable time and choose Flexspace. We offer flexible business premises with the added advantage of a significant introductory discount (sometimes as much as up to 3 months’ free). Go on, search for a new office or workshop, we have a wide range of locations and sizes.

Your company undergoes a significant change in shape or size

That can range from broadly positive changes like a period of rapid and sustained growth through to challenging periods where an active phase of downsizing is required.

During these times, as your business premises is one of your highest overheads (with perhaps the exception of payroll), it makes sense that this business critical factor is reviewed and revisited on a regular basis.

However, don’t forget to consider the impact of moving

Flexible Business SpaceThere are obvious costs (time and money) of going through a premises move. And unsurprising, at the top of this list needs to be placed the financial cost of moving.

Not only that, what is the true cost of this decision in terms of everyone’s time, the costs of moving and the set up costs of setting up your company within a new premises.

All of the above needs to be considered carefully.

Leave it to the experts

One things for sure, when you are looking to move to a new, flexible business premises, it does pay to leave it to the experts – Flexspace.

We have over one hundred locations, big and small across the UK. With a range of mouth watering deals for new tenants, so don’t be shy and give us a call on 0800 033 4444.

Your new, exciting, uplifting premises are closer than you think.

Flexible Terms

You can rent a Flexspace unit for a minimum of 12 months all the way up to 10 years or more.

Most sites have different unit sizes, so you can move and grow with Flexspace. Choose workspace on your terms.


Flexible Space

Most of our units are so flexible that you can shape the space to be precisely as you want it to be.

From Cafes to Gyms, Galleries to Labs, we’ve seen and done it all. Choose space to fit your needs.


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