Meet the Client – Blackbird Corporate’s Lisa Foster, a SharePoint Training Specialist and motorcycle racing enthusiast!

So What Exactly links SharePoint Training and Motorcycle racing?

On first impressions they’re not natural bedfellows are they? So what could possibly link the disparate subjects of SharePoint Training and Motorcycle racing? Certainly, these are two subjects which are not usually mentioned in the same breathe. The answer is passion – and that passion takes the human form of Lisa Foster, Blackbird Corporate Founder and DirectorBlackbird Corporate’s founder and owner.

By day, Lisa is involved in providing superbly tailored SharePoint training. Lisa shares her passion by helping companies get more from their use of SharePoint. However, in her spare time, she dons the leathers and indulges her passion for all things motorcycle racing.

SharePoint helps transforms companies

SharePoint, is a microsoft collaboration and documentation management software. Its used by some of the biggest and leanest businesses across the UK.  So Blackbird Corporate doesn’t just provide a training service, they go one step further and provide consultancy to companies attempting to implement SharePoint. She helps to coach their workforce in using the software successfully in their day-to-day jobs. And provides strategy on how to implement their software across their company.

As Blackboard Corporate focuses exclusively on SharePoint and nothing else, they are perfectly placed to offer a first-class,uniquely tailored service to suit each and every customer. And Blackbird’s customers are based across the whole of Europe, not just in the UK. 

Blackbird Corporate – a longstanding Flexspace tenant

Lisa and Flexspace have had a long and productive history together. Lisa started Blackbird in 2007, initially renting a virtual office from us. Since those early days, the business has gone from strength to strength. In 2015 the company had grown so much that they took their first full office from Flexspace. This business growth meant going from 2 to 5 trainers as the volume of SharePoint training requirements grew by that same amount.

Motorbike racing – a point of difference, and a very cool way of marketing the business

Unsurprisingly, motorcycle racing is fundamentally different to SharePoint training . However the sponsorship and riding does shadow the trajectory of the business. Exactly a year after starting the business, Lisa decide to sponsor some riders entering the Scottish Motorcycle racing championship and Thundersport GB Championships. And in 2015 (at about the time she was expanding into new premises), she was also expanding into starting her own motorcycle racing team, successfully competing in 3 UK championships to boot!

Not only that, Lisa cannily sensed that motorcycle racing and all things motorbikes, also presents unique opportunities for PR and networking. She’s not averse to holding events in hotels and setting up stunts like riding through the hotel! How she manages to persuade the duty managers we’ll never know. Maybe another example of her undoubted charm and passion for the topic. 

Passion exemplified

Obviously, Lisa’s not your run of the mill company owner, nor is Blackbird Corporate your average SharePoint Training Consultancy. If you’re looking for help with SharePoint Training (or have an interest in motorcycle racing sponsorship), why not give Lisa a call on 01383 745674 and see what a difference a passionate approach can make.

Lisa, Flexspace are proud to have helped support you in your success and wish you continued success in your training, sponsorship and racing.

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