The Weird and the Wonderful – How People Use Self Storage?

The Weird and the Wonderful

Self-storage is a convenient way of keeping items ready for use at a later date. It is something that is increasingly used by all parts of the population. And what an interesting population it can be!

For those in the industry, this means they come face-to-face with some unusual objects. In some cases, truly bizarre ones. What are the stranger items that people put into self-storage facilities these days?

Strange Things

Some odd items find their way into storage facilities. These have included people from time-to-time, when they have been accidentally locked in. Don’t worry, though,this has never happened at any of Flexspace’s facilities.

In California, USA, there were even press reports about the stowing of pirate treasure in a self-storage facility. The booty amounted to over half a million dollars worth of gold and silver coins.

Sometimes live animals go into a storage centre, too in the US. This includes certain species of spiders and snakes!
People will store the strangest things.
One specialist breeder in Arizona would think nothing of keeping such creatures in stock self-storage -not many pet owners want somewhere to keep an animal, after all! Rest assured, that practice is fortunately  confined to the US.

Quirky Tales from Flexspace Managers

Some of our friendly staff report that their facilities have unusual uses, too. One had a Barry White impersonator who kept his stage costumes in storage ready for use. Then there’s the story of the shop which sold teddy bears using our self-storage. After the business went bust, the teddies needed new home. So, the team relocated them all and raised over £500 for local charities in the process.

One of our centres keeps items for Children’s TV in Scotland. Known to many kids, the Funbox’s Bonzo is a TV character that has its home in a Flexspace facility.

In another location, a client held clothing stock for elderly people in his locker.

This included quite a lot of “granny knickers”.

Every Friday afternoon, the customer in question counted out his stock of undergarments in full view of everyone. Indeed, he used to become so absorbed in what he was doing that the staff had to remind him that the facility was due to close!

Amazing Uses

Needless to say, the unusual nature of self-storage is not only down to the stranger items that people choose to keep under lock and key.

It is often a case of surprising uses as well. For example, just about every online store use our facilities. This includes many sellers from Ebay and Amazon. They base themselves in their bedrooms and use our facilities to house their stock.

Additionally, some bands use the storage rooms as practice studios, not just to keep their gear in.

That said, a self-storage facility in America was even the place where someone chose to keep over 250 of Michael Jackson’s unreleased recordings!

And a strongly growing customer base for self-storage for us are students. Canny students who are away from home during term time, use them for self-storage during the holidays. The great benefit of this means that not everything needs shifting back and forth three times a year. If only it could also eliminate the dreaded end of term washing cycle – then most parents would truly rejoice!

Astonishing or Just Versatile?

There are many diverse reasons for requiring extra storage these days. They range from student self-storage to those needing room for stock of all kinds. Given this, it is perhaps not so surprising that so many different items get stored in our facilities.

Thanks to Flexspace’s flexible rates and free rental periods, we offer the best place to store your belongings in perfect condition. And we’ll do so no matter how extraordinary they happen to be. Live snakes and spiders excepted!

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