What is the Future Workspace for Today's Small UK Business?

Small Workshop Unit for RentAccording to a report put together by Capital Economics, the future workspace for most businesses in the UK will be within the managed office sector. By 2025, they claim that in the UK alone, it will be an industry worth no less than £62 billion. Some say that this is a conservative estimate.

‘Managed office’ for most small businesses may not be purely office space. It can often cover workshops, storage, warehousing and other forms of industrial activity.

Capital Economics also indicate that the current valuation of the sector has been underestimated by as much as a fifth, due to it not being appraised using a dedicated valuation approach.

Indeed, European businesses now outstrip US ones in terms of the numbers using serviced, or managed, business units already. In the coming decades expect more businesses to adopt the serviced method to fulfil their commercial needs.

The future of the British workplace is already with us, to some extent. Flexspace has been blazing a trail for this kind of workspace for many years, as we have been helping businesses across the UK, in places like Crawley and Newton Aycliffe, with this kind of flexibility.

But why would this be? The answer is that it is the type of future workspace a modern business owner is looking for. Specifically, they desire:

1. Flexibility of Term Length

Unlike conventional business lease lengths, managed business units can be rented for just the right amount of time needed. From long term lets to those of only a year or so, serviced office space for rent gives you more flexibility. In an ever-changing business world it’s to your advantage to be able to adapt.

So, whether you are opening a new regional centre, or trying to establish a startup, you need to determine that the location selected is the right one and that there are no long-term commitments.

2. Transparency of Cost

With a managed office set up everything is paid for in an up front manner with no hidden costs. From energy expenditure to affording the upkeep of the car park and external areas of an industrial estate, all overheads are accounted for. All in advance with no nasty surprises!

Strategic financial planning becomes possible without having to set aside sums of unexpected things like hikes in the electricity bill or write off of years of rent costs.

3. The Capacity for Expansion or Contraction

When you rent a serviced business premises you only have to pay for the amount of space that you actually intend using. However, the office block you use should always have the ability to be upsized or downsized depending on the number of employees it is to accommodate.

If your short-term business needs change, then you should be able to occupy a business unit on the same site, even possibly an adjacent space. It is this fluidity that is attractive to the small business owner looking for workshops to rent.

4. Discretion

Office space for rent away from your main headquarters can be ideal for a small business project which needs to be away from prying eyes. With little set up cost from a manpower point of view, all is done for you. Individual projects can be managed efficiently, without distraction, and at arms length.

5. The Business Ecosystem

When you occupy managed offices, you are going to be in the vicinity of like minded business people. The cross pollination of contacts and ideas can revolutionise the way in which you work together.

Just being a part of a fast-moving environment can work wonders for your business. It can also help you to recruit superior staff when they come to interview, who appreciate the busy and buzzy environment.

6. Choice of Servicing Attributes

Workshop with Flexible LeaseNot only are managed office set ups flexible in terms of the space and lease lengths but you can get to choose the number of other options.

Simply take or leave what you need like a supermarket. Many of our locations offer reception services, kitchen facilities, shared telephony and meeting rooms. All you have to do is select the amenities at the site you’re interested in.

In the future, companies like Flexspace (www.flexspace.co.uk) will come to be normal for small business working in many sectors. For the time being it is the exception, but a positive one for companies like yours.

From Crawley to Newton Aycliffe, and all over the UK, expansion in the serviced office sector is set to continue. So if you want your business to be part of the future workspace, then contact us today.

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