Flowers Bloom for a Small Business in a Swindon Workshop

There’s a Thriving Small Business Space

The first in our series of blogs focusing on the stories behind the business spaces, we interview some of Flexspace’s unique and varied customers. The perfect small business space!

This month we highlight a flourishing business in Flexspace’s Swindon site: All About Flowers ( , and interview the founder and owner, Margarita Kurova.

Tell us a little about yourself

“I’m originally from Estonia, and trained in a very different environment. I studied and graduated as a chemist and worked in my native Estonia for a large industrial chemical company for one and a half years.

I liked my colleagues and made some good friendships but realised that working as a chemist wasn’t sufficiently fulfilling for me. The work had some variety for me but as I was quite young at the time, spending the whole day in front of a computer screen I found was too constraining. The problem was, I knew what I didn’t want to do but I was yet to find out what I really wanted to do.

The other thing which I wanted to move away from was the incredibly cold winters we have in Estonia. Most winters the temperature can drop as low as -30 and snow can stay on the ground for half of the year. Or at least it feels that way!“

From Chemist to Florist in ‘one easy step’ then?

“No, not at all (laughs). I decided to do some travelling as this is such an interesting world to be a part of. As I studied German at school I went and lived in Koln for a few months. I enjoyed the experience but realised it wasn’t for me.

So then I got a job on a cruise ship for 8 months and decided I’d try England – despite knowing and speaking no English! I landed in the beautiful city of Bournemouth and whilst there decided to study floristry as I’ve always had a creative side and a love of nature. I also studied floristry in Russia and Holland so I was certain I’d found something that I love.”

What is it about floristry that that you love?

“To be involved in something that nature created is a beautiful thing. I just love the creative side of the businesses as well. And to be involved in a business where there is so much happiness, is a wonderful thing.

You can’t beat the feeling of seeing the bride’s reaction on seeing her wedding day flowers or the touching messages of love that people send to each other. It’s really special.”

Creating a beautiful song, one note at a time

“I like to think that working with flowers is like composing a beautiful song one note at a time. And it’s not just flowers which provide the notes. I also use foliage, fruits, seed heads, sticks and catkins.  Fabrics and ribbons also play a starring role in our creations. So maybe it’s more like a symphony than a song!florists-raw-materials

I never tire of that feeling when you create something wonderful which is appreciated by the  customers. It still gives me such a buzz.”

Where do you find your inspiration for your designs?

“I take my inspirations from everywhere. The world around me, magazines, travels, gardens, markets. Anywhere really. You never know when an inspiring idea can hit you.”

When did you decide to start out on your own?

“A couple of years ago, I decided to take the plunge and set up my own business.

It’s a wonderful feeling being in charge of your own future but it’s very hard work, with lots of early starts.

Once I’d secured the empty workshop premises for my business with Flexspace at a reasonable rental, I decided to take the plunge.”

What makes All about Flowers unique?

“I think the thing that sets us apart from other florists is that we really take the time to try to understand what our clients want – whether it’s a final send off for a loved one or the theme of an extravagant wedding, we take the time to understand deeply what the customer is looking for – even if they aren’t completely sure of what they want at the time, we can help guide them.

“Plus I’ve a great team around me so it’s no surprise that business is continuing to grow.”

And for the future?

“I’d really like to do more competitions – if time allows. So far I’ve been an RHS Chelsea Flower show finalist and won a medal at RHS Hampton Court flower show! It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate your skill, creativity and expertise and learn a lot in a short space of time.”

How have Flexspace helped your business ambitions?

“One of the great thing about being a Flexspace tenant is knowing that as my business grows, I can, with relative ease, match that growth to my business premises.

Plus, their spaces are really versatile – the units can be kitted out as workshop, office or studio.

The Pembroke Centre also has meeting/conference rooms – really useful for booking special events like my Christmas Wreath Making Party on the 10th December 2016 at 1pm.

christmas-wreathAnyone wanting ideas for Christmas should click on my link below for tickets”:

Any businesses looking for versatile, flexible business space in The Pembroke Centre should click on the link below:



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