Flexspace Client Spotlight Series – Kindred of Fife

This month, we focus on Kindred, a very special Flexspace tenant. Kindred is a charity that supports children with disabilities and their families across Fife. They have been transforming the lives of children for the last 10 years. Here’s an introduction to them, in their own words:

The scale of the challenge

Kindred work with some of the most vulnerable families in Fife. More than 50% of the families supported are living in the highest areas of deprivation. Not only that, famalies face significant social emotional issues. As well as the added responsibility of caring for a child with disability. This can often have a negative effect on some parent’s own mental health often leading to social isolation.

Offering a Helping Hand

In the last year Kindred Fife supported 314 families with in-depth 1:1 support contributing to their well-being. In addition, 122 families attend our parent support groups and information events.

Kindred employees who work in FifeWe also receives a high level of referrals from Consultants, Community Paediatric Nurses, Neonatal Wards, Child Development Centres and Fife Social Work Department. The work Kindred undertakes, helps reduce the pressure on NHS services. We also provide vital in-depth support to families who are often frightened and overwhelmed.

As Well as Offering Emotional Support

The team are able to offer in-depth 1:1 emotional support, along with formal advocacy and information during very difficult and challenging times for families. We also provide support to a number of families with children at end of life and continue to offer support after bereavement.

Kindred, a Flexspace tenant, supports children and their familiesThe charity also helps families understand and come to terms with their Child’s diagnosis. We also work closely with a number of health professionals, social workers and other necessary organisations. This includes third sector organisations to achieve the best outcomes for the whole family.

Our staff are also parents of children with support needs. They have a real and deep understand of the  issues and challenges facing families.

We support in other ways too

The staff provide information and help complete benefit applications, ensuring families get all the statutory entitlements. We make funding applications for specialist equipment, holidays, household items etc. We also support families to get appropriate equipment, respite care, have adaptations to housing or support them to be re-homed where appropriate.

A number of families need help to ensure their child receives the correct educational provision and we will support family’s right up to tribunal level if necessary. While we provide help, information and assistance with practical matters. Parents often tell us it is this in-depth emotional support that they find invaluable.

What our Families say about Us

“If I could describe the service, I would say it changed my life. My worker fought my corner every step of the way and totally changed things for the better”

One of our Kindred Families based in Fife“Very trust worthy and reliable and supportive a true Godsend, not sure I would have managed to sort through the maze without the help and support I received”

“A valued service to me and my family. Through all the difficulties we have faced, I can pick up the phone and talk to someone to get a release or advice”

“I can’t thank Kindred enough, the help we received was amazing. Having the support of someone knowledgeable of our situation was so helpful; I couldn’t have done it myself”

So there you have it – Kindred – helping transform children’s & parents’ lives in Fife.  As a Flexspace tenant, we’re very proud of them. If you know anyone who could benefit from Kindred’s vital work, please get in touch here: http://www.kindred-scotland.org/

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