Choosing a flexible business space – How to go about it (Part III)

This is the third in our blog series covering how you choose a flexible business.

For business owners, where you decide to put down roots is one of the most momentous decisions you can take as a business so it pays to give it sufficient consideration. This blog covers how you go about finding a premises, once you’ve looked at the physical considerations and the underlying costs of a move.

The First Step is Usually taken Online

I suppose the first thought invariably turns to the internet which is where most persons’ searches typically starts from. Internet searching has the major advantage of being essentially desk bound but able to cover a wide geographic area quickly.

Once you’ve found your broad area of the country which you want to base yourself, it pays to go a bit more local to try to drill down in a meaningful way.

Local Research

There are some particular advantages to doing this local research. For instance, there may be local grants available for relocation (or locating) in a particular part of the country.

Some of the most important factors will be the various transport links in the locality you are looking within. But other factors such as quality of life and whether you are relocating to a buzzy part of town or a more corporate business park.

Don’t forget the importance of networking

Another useful resource is to use the local chamber of commerce or business networks (most areas have early morning business breakfast meetings at least once a month if you wish to get a ‘feel’ for an area) – there is never a substitute for some good old fashioned networking.

Word of mouth information about opportunities are always of particular value, and there may be incentives to your business colleagues for recommending a new tenant (for them not yourself alas!). 


So there you have it – a three part stroll through some of the considerations when deciding on a new premises for your business.

Of course, you could always save a lot of legwork, head scratching and potential heart ache by coming straight to the experts – Flexspace, and let us do all the hard work for you.

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