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With the worries of Coronavirus, people are publishing blogs and articles about working from home.  Friends are sharing images of them in their PJs, working from home.  Conference calls are now a gamble as to which pet will embarrass their owner first.

For some people, it’s just not an option to work from home, so if you are still sharing communal facilities and need to have contact with other people it’s time to work flexible but also work safe.

Sharing space with others means respecting them

Over the past few days I have reviewed our company’s Contingency Planning to make sure it’s up to scratch to cover the current COVID-19 issues.

I have read more information on disease containment that is necessary for one lifetime.  But it all comes down to some very easy rules.

If you have to share a space with others, then you have to respect them and take a series of simple precautions.

GOV.UKStep One – Get your facts right

As much as I’ve enjoyed the memes and photos sent to me by friends, knitting your own face mask and brewing up your own hand gel is not going to do any good.

Go to the source.  The UK Government’s own GOV.UK which has up to date information and links to guidance from both the Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England.

Step two – The person responsible for your safety is you

I remember when that phrase was stuck on mirrors to make you think about your own safety.  It’s still true.

We all have to take responsibility for making sure we wash our hands and not sneezing over everyone else.

Make yourself aware of the symptoms of COVID-19 and how it’s spread by bookmarking and reading the GOV.UK website.

Your workplace should have a policy on what to do if you are showing symptoms.  Make sure you know what it says and what you should do.

If you think you may be showing symptoms then isolate yourself immediately and call 111.

Step three – Now wash your hands!

Now wash your hands

Washing your hands is something we should all have been doing anyway (why do people need to be told this, it’s not a social nicety, it’s essential) but just in case you are still not sure how to wash your hands then the NHS have produced a great PDF you can download that shows you how.

Things you can sing or recite that take 40 – 60 seconds whilst washing your hands …

  1. Happy birthday to you (1 verse)
  2. The opening to Star Trek (this is the voyage of the USS Enterprise ….)
  3. Lady Macbeth’s hand washing ritual (Out damn spot, out I say …)
  4. Yesterday, by the Beatles (1 verse)

Or you can create your own poster using the fantastic
I went for Jolene by Dolly Parton for mine!

Step Four – be courteous and keep a clear desk

You are sharing a space with other people.  Don’t stand over them and cough!  Dispose of that paper hankie straight away.

Don’t leave dirty plates and crockery on your desk.  It’s very easy to end up just rinsing out your mug at the end of the day, don’t.  And also DON’T wash it in the toilets.  By law, companies must supply separate washing facilities for crockery away from toilets.  Use them.  Dry your cup on a paper towel rather than the dodgy tea towel that hasn’t been washed this century.

Keep a clear desk policy – it’s easier to wipe your desk down with an antibacterial wipe when it’s clear.  Did you know, when you use an antibacterial wipe or spray you need to let it dry before you use the surface or you run the risk of dissipating the effectiveness?

And finally …

Be safe out there!
#flexspaceuk #flexibleworking #keepingsafe

Flexspace is the master of self-storage for both businesses and individuals. We offer self-storage units of different sizes at six of our locations across the UK. All our destinations within reach of main roads, near or in major towns and cities.

So, whether you are looking to use it for business or personal storage,

below are the benefits of using a storage unit at Flexspace:

  1. More space: creating space for your belongings means creating more space for yourself. If you’re moving to a new house, self-storage units come in handy when it comes to organising your items. Making the decision to get yourself some storage space will help you figure out what goes where. If you’re a business, easy access means that even if you archive, your work is easily locatable.
  2. Cost-effective: Flexspace has self-storage units ranging in sizes between 25 and 250 square feet, which allows you to identify what size is best suited to your needs. One of the major benefits of renting storage space from us is the flexibility of cost. Choosing the right amount of space to store your belongings can give you the advantage of not having to pay extra rent on additional space that is unrequired, but also giving the option to expand with your storage needs.
  3. Secure: all Flexspace self-storage units have 24-hour CCTV and secure locks which can give you peace of mind that your belongings will be protected for the duration in self-storage.
  4. Protected: goods kept in self-storage also have little chance of getting wet or damaged from being moved around. The environment Flexspace self-storage units provide is clear from damp and cold.  Our units keep condensation at bay and cleaned regularly so your belongings are well looked after.

Flexible Self Storage at a Competitive Prices

Flexspace offers flexible storage terms, whether it’s for a minimum of a month, or longer if needed.

Better still, you can start with a shorter agreement and then extend, or even increase the storage if needed and available. Given we have so many units it is easy to find more space if ever required.

All Flexspace sites have ample parking space, with dedicated bays near the storage facilities, making loading and unloading easy for you. We also have staff are on hand to supply, if needed, packaging materials to ensure that your items are well looked after.

Wondering if we Have the Right Storage? Just Ask!

If your concern is space, security or convenience, self-storage could be the solution for you. For more information on our self-storage spaces browse our self-storage solutions. Or call today on 0800 033 4444 to book a viewing.

Sometimes you can get fed up from working in your own garage, or over cramming your shed with all the stock and equipment you need to run your business efficiently.

As a company, you may require premises that is specific to the activity which needs to be carried out in. There are many benefits to renting a dedicated workshop unit to run your business from. Below we cover a few of them.


Strong transport links via road, rail and air are vital to many businesses, as well as to their staff. Having a workshop unit that is based on a business park is ideal as it gives you the options to pick from small, medium or large units. Workshops on all Flexspace business parks have easy transport links to get to, which makes it an ideal place to base your business. Your location can also play a huge part in the impression you want your business to give to your customers and clients.

Health and Safety

One important consideration for all businesses is health and safety. Employee health and well-being are crucial when it comes to the physical working environment. Workshop units are usually designed for specific use and are better suited when it comes to the health and safety requirements of the work carried out inside them.

Dimensions and Office Space

Exterior of WorkshopEvery business will have a different need for the space available to run efficiently. It all comes down to what equipment is needed and where it can be positioned within the unit you take out. One of the benefits of workshop units is the dimensions and space within that allows the operation to run smoothly. Higher ceiling and areas dedicated to storage will benefit you when working in a workshop unit.

Some companies may need storage space within their units, others may need an office space included within. For SME’s having management and admin staff in the same location for all staff has a lot of benefits. An office within a workshop unit could allow more oversight and efficiency.

Workshop Units For All

It’s not just businesses involved in manufacturing that can benefit from workshop units. Many companies that require space to maintain or store equipment can also make the most out of these workshops. With 58 locations around the UK to choose from, Flexspace offers easily accessible units, allowing your business to succeed in whatever you do.

At Flexspace we take pride ourselves in helping clients maximise the use of our facilities. Most of our workshop units have 24-hour access, CCTV, and come self-contained with their own toilet and kitchen amenities.

We understand that trying to find a place to set your business up can be stressful, with plenty of things to investigate, so we have a management team on hand to assist with any requirements. Nine of our sites with workshop units have staff on hand to help.

The option to downsize or grow can be accommodated on many sites, so if you find your business is booming, we can discuss moving to a larger workshop so that you can plan for the future. Furthermore, as a tenant of Flexspace, you also have easy access to our conference and meeting room facilities which are provided at a minimum cost. Free ample parking is provided at all our 58 sites which is an extra bonus.

So, why don’t you explore having a secure workspace you can call your own? We have a mixture of small, medium and large workshop units to let in ideal locations across the country, all available to let under flexible terms.

If you’d like to find out more about our workshop units, or would like to book a viewing in, call our sales team on 0800 033 4444 or email us in at

Flexspace offers the benefits of separate accessible business meeting rooms at 15 of our locations, all at reasonable prices for our clients, available as and when you need them. There are many benefits that these spaces offer our clients, below we list our top 5.

1. Keeping Things Private

Privacy matters a lot when it comes to business. Sometimes, you may find that you need space to sit and talk to clients or employees in a private space. Meeting rooms allow for open discussions within a separate room without broadcasting to your entire company.

2. Getting Creative and Collaborative

Working with other people helps to discover ideas; be it with your own team or having a meeting with similar minds from other industries. Meeting rooms allow for new ideas to generate and give space to get creative.

3. Save Time & Travel, Yet Remain Connected

Meeting Technology Video ConferencingIf you are unable to travel to meet clients based at a long distance, one of the increasingly common aspects of modern business involves working through technology, and remaining connected.

Meeting rooms give you space to set up your own video conferences, fitted with the latest audio systems so that you’re able to project the image you want on a professional level, even from a distance.

4. Stronger Communications

Meeting rooms give everyone a chance to speak up and ask the questions that they can’t in an open space or via email. It allows employees to interact with their management, opening up frank discussions.

5. Creating the Right Image

A good first impression is key. Finding a space that presents you and your business in the most favourable light is important. A well-furnished meeting room space, with the perks of its modern equipment, will impress those that you meet. Helping you win business and increasing your profile. It puts clients at ease, and allows them to place their confidence in you.

No matter how much businesses are to advance, there is no substitute when it comes to providing a personal touch.

Book a Meeting Room Today

You can book a meeting room by the hour, half day or full day at any of our following sites: Bolton, Dunfermline, Grangemouth, Hereford, Harrogate, Kirkcaldy JSBP, Leeds Burley Hill, Melksham, Newton Aycliffe, Northampton, Shrewsbury, Swindon, Peterborough, Wakefield and Watford.
To find out more about our meeting room spaces or to book one today, please get in touch with us on 0800 033 4444 or email us in at

How Much Office Space Do You Need?

Finding the right business location isn’t too stressful when you usually know what you’re looking for. When looking for the right premises for your business, you need to choose the right size for your company. So, the starting point is to make sure you know what you require from an office environment, but also what you can omit.

Catering for both your short and long-term needs has a massive impact on finding a space just right for you. As office spaces are usually priced based on the size and facilities on offer it can be easy just to consider the short term. But with Flexspace, there is often the opportunity to grow whilst remaining on the same site.

Maximise Your Space

Expand Your Office SpaceThe first consideration is whether you have space within your office you can free up. Most offices are used for storage as well as a place of business. It can be frustrating if you are having to hold onto files from previous years or having to clutter up the office with filing cabinets. So consider whether you can move your items into storage.

At Flexspace we offer storage spaces at our Bellshill, Blackpool, Deeside, Grangemouth, Kirkcaldy, Leeds, Lincoln, Middlesbrough, Newark, Newton Aycliffe and Wakefield centres; allowing secure and convenient access to your archives, paperwork and other potentially important items.

Need a Little Breathing Space?

Not planning business growth in advance could potentially hinder business expansion. As your company matures, you may be adding staff and senior management could require private spaces within the office. So it may be a good idea to either start with spare space in the room you choose or plan more space just in case. You can often find adjacent offices in Flexspace locations or, alternatively, ask us to put partitions in for you. We’re keen to make sure your space works for you.

Too Much Space

Too much of anything can sometimes be a negative too. Empty desks or space that is left unused can give visiting clients the wrong impression with regards to your business and its success.

A co-working environment is one place where empty desks aren’t an issue. Many small businesses start off by using co-working spaces, allowing them to meet clients in a professional environment as well as keep costs down.

Keep Your Options Open

We pride ourselves in offering a range of office spaces, sized for all small and large businesses. We offer facilities such as free on-site parking, security, and meeting room access at low costs for all clients.

The majority of Flexspace offices are also located off the main motorway networks, offering easy access to all clients. To arrange a viewing or to find out more, please give our sales team a call on 0800 033 4444 or contact us by email.

Flexspace provides support for all business clients, be it small or large, whether on short licences – or long-term leases. This blog talks through the advantages in being a Flexspace client, and the support that can be provided from the time you’re setting up, throughout your business journey and as your company grows.

Get Your Business Moving in the Right Direction

When starting up a business, at Flexspace we understand it can be difficult to find the right place to set up and get the ball rolling. There’s plenty to consider, and the to-do list can seem never ending. Flexspace clients are offered flexible terms, with the minimum of a 12-month agreement to sign up to. We avoid tying you into lengthy contracts as you work towards a budget.

Expand Your Office, When You Need To

Should you realise that you need more space to operate comfortably, Flexspace aims to provide a simple expansion agreement, making it hassle free for you to move your business to a bigger area – whether this be for an office space or a workshop unit. Similarly, if you’re looking to downsize, once your lease or license agreement comes to an end, we’re more than happy to assist in providing you with a unit that suits your needs.

To take the burden of having to find or buy office furniture, all Flexspace offices can be ready furnished with chairs and desks. We also provide a range of infrastructural facilities such as running water, power supply and security at selected locations.

Support Staff: On Site, Or On Call

Office Support on HandFifteen of Flexspace locations are manned centres, where there is a fully staffed reception desk, providing clients with staff on hand to help. For other locations, area managers visit the centres almost every week, and are at the end of a phone line to help clients at any time if need be.

We provide access to networking opportunities, so we work to create an office environment that hosts a variety of brands and businesses. Clients can open up to business opportunities within our workspaces and facilities.

Small Businesses Need Support

We believe in giving small businesses the best support to help them make a success of their company. The owner of the business needs to focus on the tasks in hand, not the operation of the facilities.

We take away the headaches that can come with running your premises, so that you can get on with the main challenge: running a successful enterprise!

Perhaps that’s why more companies than ever are choosing to work with, and at, Flexspace. Book a site tour today.

As a business contends with the various stages of its lifecycle, there are likely to be a number of hurdles to jump. We help you explore how Flexspace can help every step of the way through the full business lifecycle.

Flexspace is here to help firms like yours succeed. Our dedicated team are set up with the capabilities and expertise to guide you and help you thrive when choosing the perfect home for your business.

Our commercial premises and services come in all shapes and sizes, from virtual and coworking spaces, to private office and warehouse space. We are confident we can accommodate businesses at any stage of life.

From The Very Beginning

Workplaces to Grow Your BusinessFrom day one a startup businesses will face many exciting challenges and have lots of important decisions to make. This may include establishing market presence and adjusting the business model to set your business on the right track.

Many new businesses choose coworking or a virtual office as the first step to setting up on a firm basis. We can offer an inspiring space to work from with everything you might need. One of the main attractions to coworking is the lower cost for work space, as well as networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs.

The variety of workers in a coworking space gives an advantage to unique skill sets that they can grasp and share with other community members. Connections with others are a big reason why people pay to work in a communal space.

Once your needs change or you are ready to take the next step towards development we will support you by finding you your own private office or workshop.

A Growing Business

As a business matures there is bound to be a change in requirements. Finding the right working environment is crucial for any business. Having a private office or workshop space can give a business its own identity. Flexspace understands that teams can’t set to work without a good phone and internet connection, therefore most of our workshop units and office spaces have high speed broadband. Plus, all of our offices come furnished, with the majority of our workshop units benefit from powered roller shutter doors and personal access doors.

So if your photo studio has outgrown the garage, or working from home can’t keep you focused anymore – we’ve got plenty of options for you, with numerous spacious offices and workshop units available to rent.

Business Expansion

Many established businesses are keen to expand. It could be that a larger office is required due to the growth in staff, or the common baggage that comes with any business for storage space is needed. Flexspace can assist you in adapting and extending to a larger space which suits you as your business grows.

Most Flexspace locations have a wide range of sizes to choose from. Moving is never easy, however we work with you from day one, a step at a time, whatever your profession, however big your team is now, or hopes to become. Whether you are looking for additional warehouse space for your growing business or looking to relocate to a new area, we’re here to assist.

Onwards and Upwards

Growing a Business Beyond One LocationThe time may come when your next challenge is to cover more of the country, so you may need to operate your business from multiple locations. With strategically placed sites around the country, on the transport arteries of the UK, means that you can remain with Flexspace. We can help you increase your reach, and each place, though different comes with a wide range of services to help you grow.

With over 50 business locations to rent across the UK, covering unique commercial venues from Crawley to Stirling and many places in between, Flexspace have got you covered. You can find yourself a space that fits your current workplace with just a couple more similar workstations across the UK at prime locations. Our locations also offer ample free parking spaces. Getting to Flexspace offices and workshops is very simple as we are situated next to major road links, or approximately a maximum of 3 miles away from local network and railway links.

Our range of premises offers the ideal destination for your growing business. Whether you are looking for a small workshop to get started from, or larger industrial units to expand into. We have space to accommodate most businesses and flexible terms to help you get started.

If you’d like to know more details on how you can set up your business at one of our fifty nine Flexspace locations across the UK, please get in touch on 0800 033 4444 or email us. We’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements and go through the variety of introductory deals we have for new clients starting up.

Choosing the perfect home for your business is an important decision and can be an exciting, but also daunting, experience. The need to find the right space with the amenities you need to meet your business needs is crucial. Choosing the wrong space could have detrimental effects on the day to day running of your business or staff productivity.

When it comes to fulfilling the needs of modern businesses, Flexspace centres offer the perfect solution. We provide all the services and facilities you may need under one roof or within a business park.
Your Office Space with All the Facilities

Flexspace Has it All!

We take away the stress and worry by providing you with all the facilities your business needs. By choosing to locate your business within one of our centres you get convenience, a professional address in a prominent location and excellent transport links.

Today’s modern businesses can rest assured that they are in safe hands with Flexspace, the facilities and services available across 59 locations nationwide include:

Free Parking

Free onsite parking is available at all Flexspace locations, you will have ample space for your staff and visitors.

Data & Telecoms

Working in partnership with Excell Group we can build the right data and telecoms package to suit you. Offering VOIP services and up to 100MB high speed or 1GB superfast fibre connectivity (available at selected centres).


Internal and external CCTV is provided across many locations. We also have access control at the majority of sites.

24/7 Access

We are no longer living in a 9 to 5 working world. So when it comes to your working hours, our flexible business units are accessible 24 hours a day.

Meeting Rooms

A wide range of meeting rooms are available to suit all types of usage, from meetings, interviews, product launches to training and workshops as well as conferences. We can also provide you with additional extras including refreshments, audio visual equipment, printing, scanning, copying, laminating and high-speed internet access.

Breakout Spaces

Most locations have breakout areas which are perfect for informal meetings, networking and events. Whether you need space to take a break, or to collaborate with others, we have it covered.

Fully Serviced Centres

A selection of our locations include serviced office provision where our onsite centre management team are able to support you with reception services. Our team will be the face of your business, meeting and greeting clients and giving that extra bit of customer service.

Virtual Office

A virtual office allows a business to enhance their corporate and professional image. With a Flexspace Virtual Office package you can choose mailbox, telephone answering or a combination of both.

These are just a selection of the amenities Flexspace provide, we continuously seek to expand and improve our offering within our flexible business centre locations to ensure we are able to exceed customers expectations.

Search for your nearest business centre, and you can see which amenities and services are available on this site.
If you would like to discover how we can help your business thrive, please do get in touch on 0800 033 4444, we would be delighted to discuss the options available across our 59 locations nationwide. Find a new home for your business.

** Please note that all services are subject to availability and vary dependant on location. Whilst many locations have most or all of the above services, please check first. Ask us when you enquire to ensure that the on-site services match with your expectations when you enquire or visit your local Flexspace.

If Agility is Key, Then Flexspace is the Answer

agile business personWith Britain’s small businesses predicted to be worth £241 billion by 2025, when it comes to business, the future is bright for the agile business.

According to the Federation of Small Businesses, SMEs accounted for 99.3 per cent of all private sector businesses at the start of 2017 and at least 99.5 per cent of the businesses in every main industry sector.

Year on year we continue to see businesses flourish and grow. Unsurprisingly, working environments and the needs of businesses are constantly evolving and we are acutely aware of the business need to keep up to date or even ahead of the times.

All businesses need to be well equipped with the ability to adapt and change quickly.  At Flexspace we strive to be agile and adaptable to ensure we can meet our customers’ needs.

Flexspace is Set Up Precisely for Businesses Like Yours

The commercial property industry has seen a growth in demand over recent years for flexible workspace and the need for greater agility to accommodate the growing, ever-changing needs of today’s businesses.

With a wide variety of workspace now offered by commercial property providers, businesses are in an advantageous position and look to take up space on their terms when it comes to size, space and length of contract.

With a diverse portfolio of flexible workspace available, Flexspace is set up for business owners like you. We provide private office space to accommodate one to a hundred or more desks. We also offer multi functional business units suitable for light industrial use. In addition, we also provide warehouse space, self storage units, and meeting rooms.

Throughout 2018 Flexspace has been busy making changes and improvements to its business centres across the UK, to accommodate the ever-changing needs of today’s businesses. In many areas we have seen an increase in new start ups and organisations looking for 1 – 4 person offices, to meet this demand we have divided larger unoccupied office space into smaller offices and coworking spaces.

Looking for Something Unique? We’re Here to Help

On occasions, we have found businesses seeking a different type of space to those we have to offer, where possible we have tried to adapt our business units, as well as create new units to match demand and satisfy a wider range of business needs.

We are also pleased to provide a number of new and refurbished breakout areas in many locations. Businesses can use these spaces to hold informal meetings, product launches and networking events. These areas have been a welcome addition to our business centres, we do hope you will join us at future networking and charity events which we plan to host.

If you’d like to join other thriving businesses at one of our fifty nine Flexspace locations across the UK, please get in touch on 0800 033 4444 or email us. We’d be delighted to discuss your requirements and the various introductory deals we have for new clients.

This month’s ‘meet the client’ focuses on Liz Langston from Activities to Share, a company based at Flexspace Canterbury. Liz is passionate about minimising waste and provides an inspiring example to other businesses. She shows what can be done if you believe passionately in recycling.

Activities to Share: Helping an Ageing Population

Liz works for Activities to Share, a company who provide products to encourage people to play across the generations. Their customers are individuals living with dementia and elderly people in care homes. The products supplied by Activities to Share are sensory or tactile, designed to meet the unique needs of their target audience. For example, they manufacture large jigsaws to encourage gentle exercise. They create DVDs of sing-along song books and puzzles and games which encourages play across the generations.

Activities to Share also undertake product testing in local care homes, to ensure their products are uniquely geared to meet the needs of their end users. They obviously do great work within our society, but Liz wasn’t satisfied with just that and wanted to take things a step further and help the environment.

Saving the Planet, Starts with the Smallest Step

Liz sought to encourage the companies she works alongside at the business centre in Canterbury as well as work with Flexspace to show that efforts to help the planet, require only a very small change in one’s behaviour. The spur for her recycling efforts came from the fact that there were limited recycling facilities at her workplace.

Liz and her colleagues share a community kitchen with five other businesses. This presented a great opportunity to encourage a collaboration.

Taking That one Extra Step

Reduce Reuse Recycle
Following this enthusiasm there is now a recycling bin set up in the community kitchen for rinsed glass, plastic cartons and tins which is regularly emptied & its contents recycled.

Liz is also keen to reduce the usage of man made plastic sponges for use in the kitchen. A loofa cut up into several pieces acts as a handy pan scourer and is totally natural. It’s simple changes like this, which makes going green and recycling fun, states Liz.

Liz has been making efforts to be green and recycle for over 30 years, so it is something which comes naturally to her. She hopes that her efforts will encourage others to follow suit and do what they can to look after our planet. It really is simple, as we’ve only got one planet, it’s important we look after it.

Hopefully everyone reading this will feel suitably inspires to do something similar at their place of work? There are plenty of resources to help people interested, such as the one below:

Similarly, if you’d like to join like minded businesses like Activities to Share at one of our business centres, you can contact us on 0800 033 4444. We’ll do our best to find the perfect home for your business.

Looking for more than one location?

Are you looking for increased flexibility and reach without the downside of a long-term commitment or cavernous space.

Or perhaps as your staff shift to a more versatile working model, you need to be closer to where they live, and your customers are?

Flexspace has a dedicated multi-site team who can listen to you come up with all the options. To put together the perfect portfolio of locations and facilities to help your business thrive.

Call our dedicated team on 0800 033 4444, or


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